Yareal: over 600 apartments, 3 solar power plants and a new roundabout in Mokotów

Yareal has started construction of the final stage of the Pozytywny Mokotów estate, which will house a total of 615 apartments of various sizes.

The final stage will offer 232 flats, 20 percent of which have already found buyers. Yareal is also working on modernizing the intersection of Postępu and Konstruktorska streets, located in the immediate vicinity of the investment. This infrastructure improvement involves the construction of a new roundabout, public transport stops, as well as a stretch of pavement, bicycle paths, and roadways.


The owners of the 125 apartments erected as part of the project’s first stage have already been living in their new homes for several months now. The investment’s second stage will create a total of 258 apartments. These are currently in their shell stage and will be completed by next spring. Now, development of Pozytywny Mokotów’s final stage – once again in the hands of general contractor Finetech Construction Sp. z o.o. – involves the construction of 232 apartments as well as the completion of a 200-meter-long green walkway and internal garden, which will wind along the seven buildings that make up the investment.


Residents of Pozytywny Mokotów will have access to a lush green walkway, spanning over a hectare and creating several internal courtyards. This garden will be filled with lush ornamental shrubs, perennials, grassy clearings, and trees planted on specially landscaped elevations. The estate will also feature community gardens, i.e. several dozen nursery containers, which will foster not only the growth and cultivation of plants typical of Polish gardens, but also neighborly relations. Selected ground floor apartments will have their own private gardens with areas of ​​over 100 sq. m. – an addition that is much sought after in times of the pandemic” – says Jacek Zengteler, President of Yareal.


The Pozytywny Mokotów estate will also be equipped with two more solar power plants. These rooftop-mounted photovoltaic installations will generate electricity used to power lighting in such areas as the internal gardens or the underground garage.


Yareal started work on modernizing road infrastructure at the intersection of Postępu and Konstruktorska streets at its own expense even before the launch of the final stage of construction. This infrastructure improvement involves the construction of a new roundabout and roadway, and also three new bus stops to be used by public transport buses. Bicycle paths and pavements will also be built along the length of the entire investment, offering current and future residents comfortable access to the Galeria Mokotów shopping mall, located just a few minutes' walk away, or the nearby Wierzbno metro station.


Pozytywny Mokotów is a sustainable project that takes into account the requirements of the European Union's climate policy. An array of environmentally friendly solutions implemented throughout the investment have assured a ‘Very Good’ rating on BREEAM green building certificate; the highest rating which has so far only been achieved by a handful of residential investments in Poland. Pozytywny Mokotów has also been adapted to better deal with future challenges posed by climate change thanks to being partially powered by renewable energy sources, and considering that it was built using particularly durable materials that are resistant to the harmful effects of harsh weather conditions.


For more information on the investment, as well as on the solutions required for BREEAM green building certification, please visit our website:


The completed first stage of the investment can be viewed in this video:


Green building certificate awarded to Yareal’s residential investment in Dolny Mokotów

Yareal’s cozy residential complex in Warsaw’s Dolny Mokotów district has been awarded a BREEAM certificate for sustainable building.


The highest BREEAM rating of “Very Good” achieved by Rezydencja Iwicka has so far been obtained by only a handful of residential investments in Poland. Residents will be able to move in to their new apartments next year, and over 70 percent of the complex’s flats have already found buyers. Only several apartments in each of the four buildings remain.


Rezydencja Iwicka is a complex composed of five-story residential buildings located in Warsaw’s Dolny Mokotów district, just a few minutes’ walk from the Royal Łazienki Park. The investment will ultimately consist of 88 flats equipped with terraces, balconies or loggias with glass balustrades overlooking landscaped inner courtyards and green areas around the buildings. The buildings’ top floors will accommodate large penthouses spanning over 200 sq. m. These will be fitted with 5.5-meter-high, two-story wooden windows as well as spacious rooftop terraces. Since its very first drafts, this investment has been designed with utmost attention to detail. This is evidenced in a number of solutions, such as in the buildings’ façades, which will be partially covered in natural stone, in its stylish interiors decorated with natural veneers, or through a unique ventilation system based on innovative window vents. Some ground-floor apartments will include private gardens which are highly sought after by potential buyers in light of the ongoing pandemic.


Future residents of Rezydencja Iwicka will surely appreciate having access to a multi-purpose club room which will be exclusively at their disposal for private meetings or work. This 80 sq. m. common area will be comfortably equipped with, among others, a kitchenette, a bathroom, a children’s corner, and a TV area, and will be accessible directly from the lobby to make it easier to host meetings, birthday parties, family gatherings or neighborly get-togethers. The additional space can also serve as a home office in times of increasingly popular remote work” – says Jacek Zengteler, General Manager of Yareal Polska.


Architectural studio MAAS Projekt designed the residential complex, which is located at the intersection of Iwicka and Krasnołęcka streets. Both the colors and the details of the buildings were carefully selected to best complement the surrounding neighborhood, which is made up of quiet residential streets, modernist brownstones, old villas, and post-war houses. The investment is located in close vicinity to the Royal Łazienki, Sielecki and Morskie Oko Parks, with numerous restaurants, shops, schools, and kindergartens nearby.


The investment’s underground car park will offer 110 parking spaces and a few dozen storage units. It has also been adapted to the needs of EV drivers, who can request to have wall-mounted EV chargers with individual energy meters installed at selected parking spaces. Moreover, Rezydencja Iwicka residents will receive cutting-edge smart home starter packs from leading smart home solutions manufacturer FIBARO, offering a number of perks such as sustainable energy and remote home security management. Thanks to its numerous green solutions, Rezydencja Iwicka received a “Very Good” rating on its BREEAM Interim green building certificate. This is yet another residential investment by Yareal to obtain BREEAM certification. Among all real estate development companies in Poland, Yareal’s portfolio contains the largest number of green building certificates which have been awarded over a dozen of the company’s residential investments.


At the beginning of September, a traditional topping out ceremony took place at the investment’s site to celebrate the end of construction. Exterior masonry work is currently underway and will be followed by the installation of windows. Rezydencja Iwicka is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022.


More information on the Rezydencja Iwicka estate as well as the green building solutions required for

BREEAM certification at a “Very Good” level are available on the investment’s website:


A new apartment by Yareal in Gdynia’s city center

Yareal is building a modern and cozy apartment on Jana z Kolna Street, right by Kaszubski Square in Gdynia’s city center.


This will be Yareal’s first residential investment in the city. The building’s rounded façade and contemporary style will reflect Gdynia’s modernist characteristics. One of the project’s unique aspects involves full-height glazed frontal windows on the ground floor – these will give the investment a sense of lightness and transparency and expose the interiors of the service points located within.


The new 6-storey apartment building is being erected on an exclusive undeveloped plot by Kaszubski Square, fully closing off its frontage once complete. Rezydencja Plac Kaszubski, named after its location, is just a few minutes' walk from the city’s seaside promenade and beach. It’s 3-meter-high interiors, as well as the investment’s architectural style, have been adapted to the city center’s modernist architectonic traits, so unique to the city of Gdynia.


More than half of Plac Kaszubski Residence’s 38 apartments have already found buyers. Most of the premises currently available include premium, spacious 3-room apartments that cover between 74 to over 90 sq m., each with individual access to a large balcony. The investment’s largest apartment – which covers over 160 sq. m. of its top floor – features spacious terraces that offer a breathtaking view. This high-standard investment and its fantastic location, right by Gdynia’s lively city center and surrounded by stylish architecture, will provide future residents with very comfortable living conditions. Moreover, there will be several service points located on the ground floor, the largest of which – spanning over 200 sq. m. – will be adapted to house a premium eatery. Smaller premises with an area of approx. 60 sq. m. will be ideal for other essential services” – says Yareal Tricity Regional Director, Katarzyna Rauber.


The investment’s interiors will be optimally lit with natural sunlight, as all apartments and commercial premises will be equipped with full-height panoramic windows. The windows of living rooms overlooking Kaszubski Square will offer a particularly magnificent view, as they will form the entirety of the building’s glass façade. The interior of the common areas, inspired by Gdynia’s pre-war townhouses, will highlight the building’s modernist style. Once construction has been completed, apartment owners can choose to either arrange the interiors of their new premises to their liking, or they can take advantage of turnkey finishing carried out by a specialized company recommended by Yareal.


A green patio, a playground, and bicycle parking spaces will be built at the rear of the building. Beneath, an underground parking lot will offer parking spaces for 38 cars. Plac Kaszubski Residence will be the first investment of its kind in Gdynia to meet BREEAM’s stringent green building requirements. The investment’s eco-friendly solutions have earned it a ‘Very Good’ rating on its BREEAM certificate, the highest rating which has so far been achieved by only a handful of residential projects in Poland. Each apartment will be fitted with a smart home starter package by Fibaro, which will ensure greater safety, more economical energy management, and will also grant apartment owners remote control over their lighting and home appliances.


Construction works are scheduled for completion in the second half of 2022.


For more information on the environmentally-friendly solutions used in Plac Kaszubski Residence, please visit our website:


Yareal’s new headquarters – a showpiece of the LIXA complex

As of mid-July, the campus-like LIXA complex houses Yareal’s new headquarters


This flagship project is the company’s largest yet, offering 75,000 sq. m. of office space upon completion. Yareal’s new headquarters fully capitalize on the advantages that LIXA has to offer – from an excellent location that is within walking distance of the Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station, to various environmentally-friendly solutions, green terraces and communal courtyards. Yareal’s new 1,000 sq. m. office will provide employees and business partners with a functional, ergonomic and safe environment for both work and relaxation.


Yareal’s headquarters cover the entire fourth floor of building B. Open office spaces face two inner green gardens, making the investment unique among the surrounding high-rise office buildings. Its modern interiors have been arranged according to the latest trends in office design and are based on an in-depth analysis of the company’s internal daily processes, the specificity of its teams, and as well the needs of its employees.


We’re leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the inner city and moving into the LIXA complex. Yareal’s new headquarters will ensure excellent working conditions by offering bright, modern and functional office space that meets today’s top standards. This change was also motivated by the ongoing pandemic; everybody now appreciates having access to open green areas or the opportunity to take a moment to relax and have a peaceful lunch on a sunny terrace. We are very proud of the fact that the office complex that we are moving into is our flagship investment” – said Eric Dapoigny, President of Yareal Polska.


The new headquarters, located at the junction of Kasprzaka and Karolkowa Streets, have been designed in an open and flexible style to promote effective cooperation between Yareal’s teams and partners working in LIXA. The office’s interiors have been functionally divided in such a way as to ensure optimal working conditions, providing access to open office areas as well as several isolated rooms for individual work. Teams can also brainstorm and hold informal meetings in several semi-open spaces next to the reception area and lobby, which in turn have been carefully furnished with potted plants to create a welcoming waiting area.


The LIXA complex and its workspace arrangements take into account the needs of experts from various fields. Depending on the work they do, employees will occupy smaller or larger spaces that will allow them to complete their daily tasks in a friendly environment, providing all the necessary equipment and room. The office has also been equipped with large drafting tables so that project teams and architects can simultaneously work together e.g. on blueprints of new investments.


The informal heart of Yareal’s new headquarters is a modern kitchen and cafeteria that opens onto a large outdoor terrace. Furnished with potted plants, the terrace is open to all employees as either an extension of the eatery, an informal workspace, or simply a place for relaxation. Moreover, numerous conference rooms of various sizes are located throughout the entire floor, allowing for the efficient organization of internal meetings or conferences with guests. This flexible space can be further adapted, as some meeting rooms can be joined together should such a need arise.


The possibility of tailoring office space to individual tenants’ needs is one of key features of the LIXA complex. Efficient design with minimal technical and traffic space, optimal floor layout, a glass façade with openable windows, green gardens and cycling infrastructure are only some of the top-quality advantages provided to LIXA’s tenants.


Following the completion of the first two buildings offering a total area of 28,000 sq. m., LIXA will be expanded next year to include another office building with an area of 20,000 sq. m. This flagship investment will ultimately offer a total of 75,000 sq. m. of modern office space, as well as over half a hectare of green areas in the form of inner gardens and terraces. The third stage of the campus-like investment envisages a 150-meter-long walkway created in the heart of the complex, connecting existing buildings with those yet to be erected. The project’s final two buildings, which are to be constructed in the coming years, will jointly offer 27,000 sq. m. of office space. Their architectural style will slightly differ from the previous buildings, but they will include curved elements distinct for the entire complex. Numerous service points and restaurants will be situated along the central green walkway linking Kasprzaka and Giełdowa Streets, which will also be accessible from a newly-built 1,000 sq. m. public square that will be located at the junction with Dorożkarska Street.


LIXA’s architectural plan features numerous eco-friendly solutions which have ensured an “Excellent” rating on its BREEAM sustainable building certificate.


The LIXA complex was designed by the HRA studio, its general contractor is PORR, and BIT CREATIVE designed the interiors of Yareal’s new office space.


For more information on the LIXA complex, please visit:


Dolina Mokotów – apartments among open greenery near Warsaw’s ski jump

Residents are beginning to move into their newly-built apartments near Warsaw's ski jump, approx. 1 km from the Wilanowska metro station.


1 km from the Wilanowska metro station. Dolina Mokotów Residence was erected right next to a large park which spans several hectares in the capital’s Protected Landscape Area. Tenants living in the investment’s new two-story apartments will have access to two landscaped gardens featuring ponds, trees, shrubs and perennials.

The low, two-story buildings that make up Dolina Mokotów Residence create a cozy and exclusive atmosphere, with each staircase leading to a maximum of 3 – 4 apartments per floor. New residents moving into the investment’s 93 apartments will live in a quiet, peaceful area surrounded by low-rise apartments and stand-alone houses, with as much as 60 percent of the surrounding area being preserved in its green, natural state. Common areas surrounding Yareal’s open investment will be continually developed as part of the surrounding park’s expansion project.

The area around Dolina Mokotów Residence is frequently chosen by families looking for a peaceful location that’s also fairly close to Warsaw’s city center. Almost all apartments have already been sold, with only a few remaining on offer – two 50 sq. m. and four 110 sq. m. apartments. These are an excellent investment as they ensure the privacy and comfort of living in a low-rise building while also offering spacious interiors with a height of 2.85 m. The ongoing global pandemic has had an impact on customer habits, with a growing number of people looking for housing conditions that offer additional space for work, study and play – not only in the dwelling itself, but also in its immediate vicinity” – said Jacek Zengteler, President of Yareal.

Dolina Mokotów Residence is distinguished by its surrounding natural greenery, including in between individual buildings. It’s apartments have also been designed with large windows overlooking residents’ balconies or internal gardens. It is also one of the few real estate project’s in Warsaw that is completely open and unfenced. Naturally, Yareal paid great attention to the Residence’s design and details, especially in its interiors and common areas.

The cozy Dolina Mokotów Residence complex is yet another Yareal investment to achieve BREEAM green building certification. The entire complex was given a ‘Very Good’ rating, i.e. the highest rating that has so far been awarded to residential buildings in Poland. When moving in, each apartment owner will receive a smart home starter package from leading smart home solutions provider Fibaro, granting them complete and fully remote control over such aspects as home security, lighting and home appliances, and other forms of residential protection such as through motion and flood sensors.

More information on Dolina Mokotów Residence can be found on the investment’s website:


Apartments and commercial units available at SOHO by Yareal

Yareal has just completed construction of the first of several mixed-use buildings to make up the Soho by Yareal complex located in Warsaw's Kamionek district.


Its first residents will soon move into the 131 newly-built apartments in building SOHO 18, with new tenants also moving into the commercial units on its ground floor. All apartments built as part of the first stage of SOHO by Yareal have already sold out. Yareal currently has apartments on offer in another building in the complex – SOHO 16 – which will be erected during the second phase of the project.

SOHO 18 – a 9-story residential building on Żupnicza Street – marks the completion of the first stage of the SOHO by Yareal project. This modernist mixed-use building, designed by the HRA studio, is located at the eastern end of the complex’s central 200-meter-long green park. Thanks to the use of carefully selected materials, including Corten on its façades, SOHO 18 makes a direct tribute to the area’s rich industrial history. In the future, the local buildings and post-industrial landmarks surrounding the investment are to be revitalized under supervision of professional conservator-restorers.

“Similarly to other recently-constructed and neighboring buildings, SOHO 18 will primarily serve a residential function. The building’s ground floor will feature 10 commercial units ranging in size from approx. 40 to over 90 sq. m. These will be occupied by a restaurant, bakery, deli, convenience stores and other services, and are the first of several dozen commercial premises to be located within the complex. Together, they will ultimately create an attractive entertainment, service and commercial offering in SOHO by Yareal, helping fulfill residents’ needs and attracting visitors from outside the complex” – said Yareal CEO Jacek Zengteler.

The near entirety of the SOHO by Yareal complex will be built along a central green park, which divides the complex into two parts and which will be equipped with numerous amenities for rest, recreation and relaxation. Residential buildings, commercial units and private gardens will be located north of the park. The southern part of the complex – on the other side of the park – will be teeming with metropolitan life, offering residents and guests access to a variety of restaurants, cafés, bars, as well as entertainment and service units located in historic post-industrial buildings. Moreover, a large food court will be built by Mińska Street, next to a building that will offer apartments for rent.

SOHO by Yareal spans over 5-hectares of land in Warsaw’s Praga district, located between Mińska, Chodakowska, Żupnicza and Bliska Streets and nearby Skaryszewski Park, Kamionkowski Lake and the future Mińska metro station. It is the largest residential investment Yareal’s history, offering a total of app. 900 apartments in 10 new buildings. The complex will be closed off to road traffic, with all vehicles besides those supplying its commercial units being redirected to underground parking garages built under the complex.

Soho by Yareal was designed in line with modern urban planning concepts such as 15-Minute Cities, allowing residents to cater to all of their needs within a 15-minute radius of there they live. A carefully selected array of functions and solutions will provide SOHO by Yareal residents and guests with comfortable conditions, regardless of whether they are there to work, relax or spend time at home. For years, this area has included numerous service and commercial points, and well-known eateries, including the Warszawa Wschodnia restaurant. Many cultural institutions and companies are situated in Soho as well, with the commercial section of Soho by Yareal making a perfect addition to these attractions. The investment’s commercialization process is carried out by none other than Apsys Polska, a leading company on the shopping center market.

SOHO by Yareal is just 5 km away from Warsaw’s city center, which can be reached by numerous tram, bus and railway connections. As part of the investment, Yareal will also expand the area’s already existing cycle lane network, improving overall accessibility.

Thanks to its innovative solutions, SOHO by Yareal has obtained a BREEAM Communities certificate – a first on the Polish market – which serves as a confirmation that the project meets the highest standards of urban design, developed in consultation with authorities, local communities and professional conservator-restorers. BREEAM Communities’ comprehensive planning model for multi-functional building complexes is used to improve, measure and evaluate the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainable construction. 

The completion of all stages of SOHO by Yareal will take place in about 5 years.

For more information on the investment, please visit:


Yareal: more apartments on offer in Mokotów and first tenants about to move in

The sale of 232 high-standard apartments in the third and final stage of Yareal’s Pozytywny Mokotów investment has begun.


Meanwhile, the owners of 125 apartments built during the first stage of the investment, which includes two buildings located near the Galeria Mokotów shopping mall at the intersection of Postępu and Konstruktorska Streets, can now move into their new homes. Yareal has also completed the first stage of a road network upgrade around the complex which includes a new roundabout and new road surfaces, as well as several bus stops, bike lanes and sidewalks.


Pozytywny Mokotów mainly offers two- and three-room apartments ranging from 36 to over 70 sq. m. The third stage of the investment will also include compact studio apartments of around 29 sq. m. – a perfect solution for singles – as well as larger suites of up to 138 sq. m. All apartments are equipped with balconies or loggias, and the largest, 4-5-room suites come with 70 sq. m. terraces. The owners of some of the first-floor apartments will have private gardens spanning over 110 sq. m. at their disposal.


In cooperation with Warsaw City’s authorities, Yareal will renew and expand local transport infrastructure in and around the investment and at the intersection of Postępu and Konstruktorska Streets – all at the company’s own expense. New traffic solutions will be implemented along the entire investment, including wider and safer streets and sidewalks as well as bus bays for public buses.


“We’re building a new roundabout which will improve the existing road system and traffic flow for all road users, including public buses. At the same time, we will be investing in two new bus stops that will provide Pozytywny Mokotów’s residents with better access to the capital’s public transport system, including the nearest metro station. We’ve been constructing a 150-metre-long stretch of sidewalk and bike lane along our first two buildings, which are scheduled to be finished together with the current stage of the investment. Thanks to these improvements, Pozytywny Mokotów’s future tenants will have access to over 1 ha of lush greenery as part of the complex’s inner garden, and will also be able to comfortably use to the capital’s sustainable public transport system” – says Jacek Zengteler, President of Yareal.


Pozytywny Mokotów will meet the rigorous requirements for sustainable building, which has already been confirmed by a “Very Good” BREEAM green building certificate awarded to the complex. Its underground parking garage features four electric vehicle charging stations and its very own solar power plant. Photovoltaic panels installed on its rooftop can generate around 20 000 kWh per year, producing energy for lighting the underground garage and the inner garden, which will ultimately feature three playgrounds and recreational terraces with benches, gazebos, lounge chairs and picnic sets.


A green central walkway stretching across the complex will be filled with trees, grassy lawns, ornamental bushes and perennials which will be interspersed with several dozen community gardens, i.e. nursery containers for growing varieties of plants typically found in Polish gardens. The residents of Pozytywny Mokotów will be able to plant flowers and vegetables for their own household use, creating their own gardens and building a friendly and neighborly atmosphere.


Ultimately, Pozytywny Mokotów 200-meter-long central green walkway will be surrounded by seven residential buildings housing a total of 615 families. The first stage of the investment has already been completed. Future residents are currently collecting the keys and will soon be able to move into their new apartments. As part of the currently ongoing second stage of the investment, Yareal has already constructed the underground portions of two more buildings. These are expected to reach 8-9 stories over the next few weeks. Although this second stage began just a few months ago, almost 80 percent of the apartments that it will create have already been sold. In total, Yareal’s customers have bought over 320 apartments, which is more than a half of all apartments to be created in Pozytywny Mokotów.


More information on the investment, as well as on the green building solutions required for BREEAM certification, please visit our website: