Yareal Polska, a leading property developer operating in Poland, is part of Yareal International N.V. and Yam Invest group, which operates throughout the European real estate market.

Projects developed by Yareal in the Polish residential real estate and office market stand out with highest quality and flexible solutions. Long-term strategy, based on commitment and tailored to best serve our clients` expectations and needs, is the guarantee of safety and increasing investment value.

Dedication to client satisfaction, commitment to highest quality and attractiveness of the projects and reliability are the guiding values of our company. The knowledge and experience of our teams in design and construction, gained in Poland and abroad, ensure the quality and satisfaction from the increasing value of our investments. All residential and office buildings developed by us stand out with optimal selection of locations and surroundings. The buildings are also highly flexible, functional and in line with the latest quality standards. Our projects offer a new experience in living and working owing to efficient space planning. Yareal Polska builds highest quality residential buildings in all market segments, ranging from luxury apartment buildings, human scale upper standard buildings to popular segment of residential estates, as well as prestigious offices schemes.

The projects developed by Yareal have received a wide recognition of the industry, reflected by numerous awards:

  • Renaissance office building - Construction & Investment Journal award for the "Best Office Development", 2004;
  • Mokotowska Square office building - Eurobuild award in "New Office of the Year 2011" category, Construction & Investment Journal award for "Best refurbishment/expansion of the Year 2011", EuropaProperty award in "BREEAM Application In-Process" category in 2011, main prize in CEE Quality Awards in "Office Development of the Year" category in 2011;
  • Oxygen Park office scheme - Construction & Investment Journal award in "ESSA Green Award" category, 2013;
  • Hoża 55 apartment building - Construction & Investment Journal award for "Residential Luxury Development of the Year" ("Luxury housing investment of the Year"), 2013;
  • Rezydencja Konstancińska - Domiporta award - "Apartment of the year" 2014/2015".
  • Nowogrodzka Square office building - PLGBC award in "Green Building Awards 2018" category.

Yareal Polska has been an accredited member of the Polish Developers' Association since November 2005.



Eric Dapoigny

Dyrektor zarządzający Yareal International N.V.
Prezes Yareal Polska

Eric Dapoigny joined Yam Invest in 2005. He is in charge of the Group’s real estate development activities and serves as Managing Director of Yareal International and Executive President of Yareal Polska.

From 1998 to 2005 Eric worked for Bouygues International where he was responsible for the Group’s business development and supervised a number of real estate projects (office buildings, malls, hotels, logistics facilities) in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Latin America. From 1986 to 1998 Eric worked for Bouygues Immobilier as Residential Projects Director and then as Office Development Director based in Paris. Eric holds a Master’s Degree in Law and a PhD in Real Estate Law.

Christophe Calmel

Vice Prezes Yareal Polska

Christophe Calmel joined Yareal Polska in 2008 as Technical Director and member of the Management Board. He is Vice President of Yareal and President of Cristal Property Management. In Yareal Christophe Calmel is in charge of the Development Department responsible for acquisition of new real estate to develop new projects. He is also in charge of Technical and Tender Department.

Before joining Yareal, Christophe worked for Bouygues Batiment International where he served as head of Production Management department in several countries. He has been active in the construction industry since 1976 and involved in a number of projects located in Europe and Africa, such as industrial and public utility facilities, office and residential buildings as well as shopping malls.

Jacek Zengteler

Dyrektor generalny
Członek zarządu Yareal Polska

Jacek Zengteler joined Yareal Polska in early 2016 as Head of Residential, and a year later he was appointed Board Member.

Jacek is in charge of Yareal’s operations in the residential sector with the main areas of activity being preparation of the launch of new projects, oversight of project management and client relations both before and after handovers.

Jacek has been involved in the property development industry since 2002. He was developing his career with Dom Development S.A. where he worked, among others, as Deputy Director of Business Development, Director of Land Department responsible for land acquisition, and Director of Customer Service Department. He also served as the company’s Proxy.

Jacek Zengteler graduated in the field of economics and was awarded MBA diploma at the Warsaw School of Economics and Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

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YAREAL POLSKA sp. z o.o.
Giełdowa 1 St.
01-211 Warszawa

Giełdowa 1
01-211 Warszawa
tel. 48 22 331 30 00
fax. 48 22 331 30 11
YAWA sp. z o.o.

Brylowska 2
(mieszkaniowa, zakończona)

YAWA sp. z o.o.12 sp. k.
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YAWA 15 sp. z o.o.

Osiedle Kolorowy Gocław

YAWA sp. z o.o.16 sp. k.


YAWA 18 sp. z o.o.

Nowogrodzka Square

YAWA 20 sp. z o.o.

Lixa AB

YAWA 21 sp. z o.o.

Rezydencja Łazienki Park

YAWA sp. z o.o.22 sp. k.

Sienna 65

YAWA sp. z o.o.23 sp. k.

Vice Versa

YAWA sp. z o.o.24 sp. k.
YAWA sp. z o.o.25 sp. k.

Strefa Wilanów

YAWA sp. z o.o.26 sp. k.

Eden Włodarzewska
domy jednorodzinne)

YAWA sp. z o.o.27 sp. k.

Rezydencja Chrobrego

YAWA sp. z o.o.28 sp. k.

Przy Bażantarni


YAWA sp. z o.o.29 sp. k.
YAWA sp. z o.o.30 sp. k.

Lixa C


YAWA 31 sp. z o.o.

Lixa E


YAWA 32 sp. z o.o.



YAWA 33 sp. z o.o.

YAWA 34 sp. z o.o.

Wynalazek 1



Pozytywny Mokotów

YAWA sp. z o.o.1 sp. k.
RezydencjaYAWA sp. z o.o.2 sp. k.

Dolina Mokotów


Rezydencja Iwicka


YAWA sp. z o.o.3 sp. k.


YAWA sp. z o.o.4 sp. k.

Sobótki 15

Wzgórze Zinglera

(mieszkaniowa - Gdańsk)

YAWA sp. z o.o.5 sp. k.

Plac Kaszubski

(mieszkaniowa - Gdynia)

YAWA sp. z o.o. 6 sp. k.


(mieszkaniowa - Gdańsk)

YAWA sp. z o.o. 7 sp. k.

YAWA sp. z o.o. 8 sp. k.
YAWA sp. z o.o. 9 sp. k.
YAWA sp. z o.o. 10 sp. k.
YAWA sp. z o.o. 11 sp. k.
YAWEL 3 sp. z o.o.
YAWA sp. z o.o. Serwis i Gwarancje sp. k.